Update 3rd. May 2013 Blacky died today :(

That´s me

That´s me and Blacky
That´s me and Blacky

Hello my name is Lee Pascoe I´m 11 years old.

I´m doing my year six project and I´m collecting 800 € to help a fifteen year old dog called Blacky.

Your donation helps

That´s Blacky
That´s Blacky

Help this poor dog now and make it live another year longer.

Donate as much as you want and save that dog.


You can reach me under my e-mail adress: lee.pascoe@web.de

If you want I can say how much you donated on the website but if you don´t want it will stay secret.


Bank account number is: 40 43 56 85 00

Bank identification number is: 120 800 00

They are at the "Commerzbank" in Germany.

Recipient: Vogelgnadenhof & Altenheim für Tiere e.V.